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I AM a listener. I listen to stories from

Because that's the only way to the heart of an organisation and the world it occupies. My approach is not prescriptive, it's collaborative and responsive, so it always begins with your story. And our work together is tailored from that point, not only so I work to the specific circumstances of your business, but so I work in a way that suits the people and personalities I need to support. Over the years, I've learned the importance of listening to the less obvious aspects of a story too, often that's where the key to the problem and the solution can be found. So we begin with talking and listening, and I work from a bank of tried and tested techniques to grasp the twists and turns of each tale.

"Auriel's friendly, personal approach encouraged me to relax and be myself and in no time at all we had determined the issues that we needed to work on. It was so refreshing to have someone to talk to confidentially about things I might not have mentioned to anyone else, and Auriel has some great creative techniques to help look at problems in different ways."
Rachel King, communications account manager,
Sheffield City Council.
"The list of people to whom we would entrust the headline sponsor of Tramlines is not long...they need tact, patience, the ability to grasp very quickly that client's complicated requirements and a diplomatic but firm approach. Auriel has collaborated with us on many projects but her handling of Nokia at Tramlines 2011 best showed off her considerable skills. Sharp, diplomatic, firm but able to quickly grasp and succinctly explain complex situations."
Dave Healy,
MD Rootstock Trading and Tramlines Festival founder.

organisations and businesses about

life through the recession, their new

challenges, their possibilities. I AM an

opportunist – seeking chances to

Because I want to exploit all the opportunities you have; to explore, challenge and change what we do, how, who for, why...and how we can make it more relevant, efficient, lasting, profitable, far-reaching; more laden with potential to grow and more likely to sustain through this recession and those of the future. Much of my work has been in driving improvements, and I love the challenge of exploring true opportunities and presenting clients with an approach, a solution and even an outcome that they haven't considered.

"I don't ever remember you challenging behaviour, performance or approach without suggesting how that could be changed for the better."
Jan Fitzgerald, Director of Community Services,
Sheffield City Council.
"Auriel is personable, professional and practical with a gift that allows her passion for a topic shine through. She is a woman with insight and conveys this in a relevant, non-threatening way...her style draws you into the world she is creating to explore what is relevant to you. She manages challenges and affirmations with the same winning air..."
Lynda Hinxman, Assistant Dean, Sheffield Business School,
Sheffield Hallam University.

evolve, make lasting change for the

For me, there's no point in inspiring short-term change. I want to facilitate the kind of deep changes to business practice, thinking, structure that continue to reap rewards for years to come, often in ways not anticipated. Equally, there's no point in prescribing a programme of change that an organisation cannot sustain. That's why listening and understanding is vital, and it's also why I do much more than deliver change management, or coaching. My collaboration with a client must go to the bones of their business, creating a long-term vision of improvement that everyone can believe in and participate in.

"After my sessions with Auriel I am feeling really excited about the future of my business. I have a stronger focus, we have re-branded, and as a result gained some new clients and lots of exciting projects. I have also grown my business from 1 to 3 people in the space of a few months and gained much stronger financial stability."
Lydia Lapinski, Creative Director
Studio Binky
"Since working with Auriel I’ve developed a much deeper understanding of my motivation which has helped no end in building confidence, understanding both my value and my values and in my interactions with others. I’ve seen great results in new projects including increasing revenue, the leverage of relationships and in my overall sense of satisfaction. Auriel has been a fantastic catalyst and revelation; a sound guide on a journey where her techniques and personality have helped me not only understand myself and deal with challenges; but also take on this insight with others to help them. She manages to balance effortless professionalism with a human approach; neither condensing, judgmental or pressured and driven by her clients outcomes and results rather than her own gain."
Iain Hodgson, Senior Communications Consultant

better, fine tune. I AM an optimist

It’s common for businesses to be so busy that they’re unable to see or deal with the causes of their problems. There is always a cause, symptom and solution, and even where a problem looks insurmountable, there is always a way! This applies to all kinds of businesses and organisations, in my experience, from music festivals to local government, and all points in between. By using creative techniques to explore and define problems, like visual techniques and even storytelling, we come across new ways to think about the 'wicked issues' that hold us, and our businesses, back. I am a ‘thinking partner’, discussing and debating issues, showing them what they really are, challenging constructively and finding a way. Because there is always a way!

"Auriel has the skills, imagination and commitment to grasp the challenges of the current economic context and work alongside others to meet these challenges...she is someone who understands and champions change and can motivate and enthuse others...she is good humoured and creative and makes difficult situations seem less daunting. Her approach is authentic and genuinely collaborative..."
John Mothersole, Chief Executive,
Sheffield City Council.
"We have used lots of techniques during the coaching process, like art, narrative, music...and even an innovative technique using Russian dolls!"
Vicky Grant, medical librarian and researcher,
University of Sheffield.

– knowing those opportunities often

live in the most unlikely of places.

And I AM a believer – I believe in

I believe in people and their potential. My fundamental coaching philosophy is that people have their own answers and solutions and simply need help to identify what these are. I encourage this and have seen the power of a little self-confidence in empowering people to understand problems and instigate lasting change. And this is important - the changes that I facilitate are long term, fundamental changes that embed in business and behaviour. When clients see that working, they become believers too, in their own capacity to make a great difference.

"She encourages people to believe that solutions are in their own hands and her staff engagement skills are superb. Her work with elected members has been particularly sensitive and has earned her well-deserved reputation for fair-mindedness and diplomacy. Auriel works brilliantly with individuals, large teams and with large complex organisations...she has a strong set of core values and an obvious integrity that allow her to work across different services and move effortlessly from working with staff on the frontline to the executive team at the council."
John Mothersole, Chief Executive,
Sheffield City Council.
"Past experience working with coaches in previous businesses hasn’t been a good one but we found Auriel incredibly attentive, passionate, skilled and she had a progressive approach to the sessions which worked perfectly for us. She took time to understand us as individuals and the business to tailor her process. The work she did has proved to be the spark that we needed to implement change and move not only our personal development as business owners forward but also gave us the confidence to implement some of the ideas generated into our future business plans.
Peter Donohoe, Managing Director
Peter and Paul

the people I work with and coach

through change. I believe in the

chances we build together and the

conviction they show in making

their organisation fit for the future.

When I talk about a business or organisation being fit, it's as much about the individuals within as it is the collective body, which relies on its people to maintain its health. So my work addresses everything from staff engagement and frontline morale to top team development in a way that really impacts on business performance. When I work with the objective of driving a client towards 'health', this is what I have in mind for their business:

  • It is confident and purposeful, understanding where it's come from and excited about where it's going
  • It is motivated and energetic about the future
  • It is visionary and optimistic too, well-equipped for spotting opportunities
  • It is ready to meet current challenges
  • It is flexible and responsive, not rigid or set in old ways
  • It is resilient and able to roll with the punches; whatever crops up, the healthy business knows there is a way to deal with it
  • Everyone there understands the importance of making time to think, play and enjoy the moment.
"The new structure is not only cheaper, it is much more clear and simple to understand and managers are given wider responsibility - one of my key requirements. The review team felt very supported by you personally, as you are clearly passionate about the outcomes we can achieve. As requested, you and the team built a structure that could be shrunk or grown..."
Jan Fitzgerald, Director of Community Services,
Sheffield City Council.
"Auriel speaks her mind and can challenge constructively, quickly seeing the merit and obstacles to be overcome in any venture...so she is able to lead and drive change to maximum effect. I have seen her exceed expectations."
Lee Adams, former Deputy Chief Executive,
Sheffield City Council.